Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Travel Photography for Mamatographers

This year we've been on the move quite a bit. I'm thankful for this because I feel more creative when traveling outside of my element. Don't we all?

It turns out that we will be living in Panama a great deal of this year. After returning home after a 9 week trip down there, I've found my self feeling slightly strangled by the amount of personal photos I shot without time to output them. It took a great deal of trouble, shopping in the allies of Casco Viejo, to find a "Pollera" for Safi. Then there was this shoot at "Mi Pueblito" Indian Village in the equater-ish heat, she was not a happy camper 20 minutes in! But out of the 400 FAST shots I took, I've never been more pleased with Safi's modeling skills. 

It was also nice to have a new friend joined us with her 3 girls-made for a fun shoot! So with the effort that comes with being a Mamatographer, I'm pleased to have the chance this week to phlog these photos and send them off to the printer! I use Nations Photo Lab by the way-excellent quality.

A Pollera is the National Costume of Panama.
What's your plan of action for shooting while you're traveling? Do you have both an SLR and a point and shoot? "What to take, what to leave behind?" That's a question we all have to ask our selves before venturing on a plane with our kiddos. After you've rounded the car seat, the stroller, the sanitizing devices, and iPad (that you're not allowed to use), where does that leave the camera gear? Before, all I had to think about was what was I taking to shoot with. Now a little life rests in my hands. 

Here's some tips that have helped me to shoot when traveling:
  • Determine WHAT you'll be shooting, do you need multiple lenses?
  • Use a durable gear bag that has compartments, you can always pack diapers, snacks, etc. in the bag separate from your electronic gear I'm really into this Lowepro Pro Roller Attache Bag cause it has wheels, NO SHOULDER STRAINING!

  • Bring MANY memory cards! You're gonna need them.
  • Pack BOTH a DSLR and Point and Shoot, if you have them
  • Use the point and shoot more for snap shots, like restaurant outings or by the pool and the DSLR more for scenery, those really special places that should reflect the highest quality
View of Panama City from Casco Viejo

A fun pool shot w/ my Point and Shoot-I retouched a bit for a Kodakrome look

Down on Rio Mar beach with my Point and Shoot. My Leica snaps sharp B+W's, no Photoshop on this one!

Ahhhhh...I've sent my travel photos out into the universe and it feels GOOD!
Happy Shooting, Vicky