Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mamatography Newborn Tutorial: Part II

In continuing my demonstrations of DIY newborn photography for Mamatographers I present to you Baby Kimberly.

She is an absolute doll baby!
She slept for 98% of this shoot. But, though baby Kim was on her best behavior, the weather wasn't.

I had dreamt up quite a few outdoor scenes which had to be scrapped due to rain and cloudy skies. We did get to sneak out for a few and Mama, Jessica of Moore Memories Photography, had a chance to capture her newbie sleeping plushly inside a "cloud". UNTIL SHE WOKE UP!

Then we moved inside and worked with lights a bit in Safi's room. My light kit allows me to use them as strobes (meaning they flash when my camera fires) or as constants, they remain on by a switch.

Flash is balanced for daylight so it produces a bright white light. Whereas constants use tungsten bulbs so they produce a bit of a yellow tint if you don't tell your camera to shoot as "tungsten" which typically has a lightbulb icon within your camera settings. Nikon calls this type of light "incandescent" they are the same definition. 

With that, if I'm shooting flash or outside under daylight I keep my WB on Auto. If I'm using constant lights, I change to Tungsten/Incandescent. So for this shoot, Mama Jessica set her white balance to Tungsten because she was shooting using the constant lights (see the video below). I was shooting with the lights as strobes so I stayed on Auto WB.

We took turns being that we were working off the same light kit.

You can see a bit of the setup on the video, but here's another example.

Here's some video from the shoot to get an idea of the Mamatography newborn experience.

Another baby girl and Mamatography model is on the way so stay tuned for Part 3 of the Mamatography Newborn Tutorial Series.

Happy Shooting, Vicky