Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Portraits: Behind the Scenes

Spring is here (though theres not much seasonal change in South Florida) and I'm thrilled to output my shots from Safi's Easter Portrait shoot!

Here's a little behind the scenes footage from the session.

PS I used tape attached from the seamless paper to the backdrop stands to keep it from blowing too hard in the wind.

Following the shoot, I performed some retouching adjustments in Photoshop. 

The backdrop had a neat thing happening from the shadows that looked to me like splashes of watercolor so I enhanced that a bit. I then did a little Dust & Scratches filtering to take out the dirt that Safi had trekked on the set, saturated a bit, and touched up the veins on her face that always turn up in her photos!

I made the background to the photos with a few elements I collected including a paper texture from and lastly put together these eCards to send to my family and friends because I've been too busy to print and mail the REAL THING : (

If you feel inspired to shoot your own Spring Portraits, please share them in the Mamatography Photo Sharing Facebook page, CLICK HERE!

Happy Shooting, Vicky