Monday, May 7, 2012


The time came this week for me to step up my game and connect with the Heavy-Mama Hitters of cyber space. So, I attended my first conference as a company, the MOM 2.0 Summit. The partakers of this event were seamless and un-catorgorized and yet everyone’s first question was "Are you a blogger?" ME: "No, but I think I want to be?" I get that to reach Mamatographers on a worldly scale I MUST blog. But where to begin with a (thankfully) busy local mentoring business, a new book in the works, my own photos always on the back burner and OH YEAH, that naggingly-adorable toddler living in my house. So in seeking clarity and direction I shamelessly pleaded with baby-daddy to splurge on, or shall we say invest in, a not to be missed event for any Mama-trepreneur. The event was 3 days of knowledge and sun absorbance in one of my fav South Florida destinations, Key Biscayne. I was fortunate that the summit was relatively in my own backyard but ironically I was one of just a few locals that I met.

Day 1 started with me playing hooky from my daily mom duties and checking in for the first time to the Ritz in Key Biscayne, about an hour south of my home. Ahhhhh an ocean view all to my self, long awaited! After frying like eggs do by the “adult pool” and drinking obnoxiously priced pina coladas, it was time to get to work, physically. Myself and a small hand full of early arrivers headed out on a HIKE (only 4 miles) to the lighthouse on the end of the key…what’s it called again? I was too busy chatting with new friends including Marlene-the "Bossy Cuban" and the sponsor of the hike, Dale from Storymark, a new photo app, to listen much to the tour guide..oops. 

The Storymark app really caught my attention. Though I can’t use it on my dinosaur of an iPhone 3G, I can use it on my iPad and I love the photos that awkward gadget takes.The scoop on this cool new tool is pretty amazing, especially the way Dale tells it.
Create movie files with pictures from your iPhone/Pad/Mac library and create a mobile slideshow with “Story”telling voiceovers from anyone. Their best example is the suggestion of interviewing an elderly family member.
Ask them for photos, sit with them and use your device to record the stories behind the photos at hand. Then later, scan the old photos to your photo library and utilize shots taken with your device as well by importing them into the app from your library. Simple! Genius!
It’s obvious how much heart was put into this product and I can’t wait to sit with my grandmother again and test out their memorable idea.

That night was the infamous "White Party". The Facebook page group for the Summit was on fire with "WHAT TO WEAR" controversy. I had an easy score, a $17 semi-trendy frock from my local Marshall's shhhh. Honda sponsored this first of 3 parties and DAMN IT I drank too much champagne to take a test drive, but I'm set on a new Odyssey anyway. I think I only shot one photo that night..oh, but I didn't shoot it, HA, that felt good. Conferences, "Summits" events galore was my gig in another life so it felt good to ditch the gear for a change just to mingle and ENJOY.

The next morning, still feeling the champagne, the MOM 2.0 Summit began. The day started with a social "Al Fresco" breakfast overlooking the blue ocean of Key Biscayne, can I get another Ahhhhhhhh?

The seminars rang in with high estrogen and we listened to stories of failure followed by huge success. I felt I could've used a little more instruction on there slogan "What's Next" like what's next in media, networking, etc. But in all fairness, I did dip out for a bit to sun on the sand BAD MAMATOGRAPHER!

The event continued in my absence because I had a very cool workshop Saturday on SoBe, great work Robyn!

Following, was the Mom-2 finale party at the one and only Versace Mansion! The BIG GIRL cam came out for this one, not an easy task in 4 inch heals.
Here's a look inside Mamas....
Versace's infamous 10,000 mosaics pool-

I squeezed back into my pre baby bandage dress for this one and it felt great! I was lucky to be joined by a great group of women for this memorable pose.
Shower for 6 anyone?

I ate dinner on this sexy couch!

I commend this Mama for braving it with a baby en tow!

The end of the night came in literally a blink! I think I heard sobs when our fearless Summit leader Laura Mayes made the announcement.

It was an evening that won't soon be forgotten and a conference I'll be attending for years to come.
Happy Shooting, Vicky