Friday, July 27, 2012

Mamatography in the News & a NEW Workshop

Read the Mamatography feature HERE 
I am behind on tutorials because so many exciting things have been happening! Traveling, SLEEPING, cleaning house-not so exciting-planing workshops, etc. 

There's a vigorous list of Mamatography techniques to blog about if I EVER get a chance to edit my photos! I see a late night on the horizon...good thing I caught up on the zzz's. Anyway, fruitful, FREE photography techniques are coming right up! Until then, here's some news I'd like to share...

After returning to the states last week, I was pleased to get an email from a kind lady writer from That's the ALL THINGS MOM site for the Miami Herald. I was to be featured in their monthly Mom, Inc. article as a self-business starter inspired by motherhood. 

The structure of these features are very helpful to moms starting their business from scratch! 

Next, on the share list, I am teaming up with one of my favorite South FL photographers, Tricia Krefetz of Click. Capture. Create. Photography for a workshop of SPECTACULAR proportions! On Sunday, Aug. 26th we'll be gathering at The Palms Birth House in Delray Beach, Florida for "Photography 101" just for mommies who CLICK!

Seats are limited and can be reserved by emailing

Stay tuned in the coming weeks! I'll be summing up Summer Shooting tips and so much MORE!

Happy Shooting,