Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY Lightroom Presets

Are you making exposure and color corrections to your photos using Adobe Lightroom? Have you bought into the pre-made Preset market?

Here's how you can MAKE YOUR OWN PRESETS:

•After importing your photos into Lightroom, choose the first image of the batch that you would like to make corrections to using the Development panel on the right hand side of your interface

•Once you are pleased with the look of that first image, right click on it in the "Film Strip" on the bottom; You will see an option to Copy your settings; DO THIS

•With the picture that you just worked on highlighted, go over to the Presets menu on the left side of LR; Choose the plus sign; The New Develop Preset box will appear

•Name your new preset based on the effects that you created for that photo in the Develop panel; Click Create


Happy Snapping, Vicky