Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunrise Photo Session Lesson & Contest :: Showcase Your Mamatography

Happy Saturday Mamas! I took this shot this morning overlooking Panama City and thought, hmmm? I'd like to see what others see at sunrise! If you dare to wake up before your kids, I promise you it's kind've refreshing, then PLEASE SHARE your point of view at sunrise.


(This technique calls for shooting in Manual Mode-"M" on most camera models)

First, as with all shoots, set your cameras ISO. I recommend a low ISO i.e. 200 so that you do not have any visual "digital noise" or "grain". You want a nice smooth, sharp image.
Next, use a tripod!
When you are capturing a sunrise or later sunset you will likely want to use a photographic technique called a "long exposure". To do so, you must have a tripod to stabilized your camera so that shake is not visible, which occurs by hand holding your camera. A long exposure is when you adjust your camera settings to shoot at a long Shutter Speed.  With a fast shutter speed, you likely would have an image that is too dark (under exposed). This is because the shutter did not stay open long enough to capture what little natural/ambient light exists at these tranquil times of day. I recommend starting at a shutter speed of around 1" (that's 1 second).

After you've set your ISO, put your camera on the tripod and choose a long shutter speed, you'll have to follow your camera's internal light meter to guide you in choosing the correct aperture for this "exposure". Ideally, you'll want a very small aperture if you are shooting a land or cityscape as I was above. By using a small aperture, i.e. f11, f16 or "smaller" you'll retain the detail of all the subject matter in the frame giving you a professional touch! (Think Ansel Adams) Be sure to follow your light meeter while adjusting your aperture until you reach what looks like +/- 0.

Now that you know how to shoot a sunrise...Let's make it a contest! 
Here it goes:

First, Upload your Sunrise Shots to your Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, etc. pages. Then share a link to your image by commenting below to this post with a short description of your location and technique for capturing your early morning images, plus your first name and last initial. If you have a blog where the image is posted, share that too!

Next, Follow this Blog by email (on the right of this page) to track other's submissions and stay afloat to the winner announcement which will be at random on June 1st. With the winner's permission, your image will be displayed on this blog with credit to you.

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I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Happy Shooting, Vicky