Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kelly Moore Camera Bag Review by a New Friend :: Mamatography Lessons World Wide

I recently had the pleasure of befriending a mega talented, fellow photographer in South Florida. Her name is Tricia Krefetz of Click. Capture. Create. It was a chance meeting via the ever astounding social networking world of where else? Facebook. Her work is everything that my students and I aspire for as "Mamatographers". She specializes in custom portraiture.

I am particularly a huge fan of her underwater, nude maternity work-there's just nothing like it PERIOD. As photographers, we're driven to create a niche for ourselves. Tricia has done that and for all of us it's a journey that doesn't happen overnight. So, cheers to to you Tricia for seeing the "light" and refreshing the eyes of so many, my self included. I am fascinated by her take on motherhood through her lens though she is not herself a mother. I suppose it's not really all that ironic. I wasn't a regular shooter of anything "Mother" until I became one, that's no secret to my clients. It's an interesting juxtaposition to chat about.

How lucky was I to have Tricia sit in on a Mamatography workshop and "capture" some shots of me teaching..always an interesting perspective to catch yourself mid-sentance EEEEK. This class had a strong energy brought by a great group of Mamatographers and Tricia's added input to my Photo Basics lesson plan.

Tricia brought with her a Kelly Moore camera bag and RAVED about it until we were all envious!
Hers is the 2 Sues bag in Mustard seen here...

So much so, I added a few from her collection to the Mamatography discount photo gear store:

Here's what Tricia had to say about her Kelly bag:
          "I had been drooling over the Kelly Moore bags for a long time now, and I finally decided to treat myself to the Two Sues bag.  I had a hard time deciding which one to buy at first because all of her bags are so beautiful and functional.  I ultimately decided on one of her mid-sized bags I could use while shooting my portrait sessions on location.  This bag is so beautiful, I even use it as a purse when I want to bring my camera with me anywhere I go.  It's padded, so it's super protective, but it's stylish, too. I get compliments every time I bring it out.

As pretty as it is, the best thing about this bag is the functionality!  It was carefully designed by a photographer for photographers.  I LOVE the pocket on the back that has pockets for 12 memory cards, along with slots for my license, credit cards, etc.  It has removable padding, so it can be configured for your personal gear.  It comfortably holds my Canon 5d Mark II, my two favorite lenses (50mm and 85mm), my ipad and all my miscellaneous equipment - batteries, chargers, phone, keys, etc.  And, it also has room for my laptop. 

Overall, I cannot say enough great things about this bag. It's worth every penny - and more!  I may buy another of her larger bags to accommodate even more gear, but this bag is perfect for my on-the-go shooting needs.  I highly recommend it to anyone!

Bag images are from the Kelly Moore website. She's just ANOTHER Fem-Photog kickin ass and taking names! She offers a MONTHLY giveaway which she announces on her blog. Here's the link to this FREEBIE OP:

Happy Shooting, Vicky