Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Shooting Tips Begin from Mamatography :: Photography Lessons for Moms

Here we are, back in the country where my little seed sprouted into a kicking, thriving, crying, playing, talking BOO BOO (thought I’d never say that one in public) to then be born back in the states.

Panama, Panama-a city of life, a country of bounty’s and beauty’s.
It’s good to be back! Finding these few minutes to write and post my shots has been a challenge but I made it down to the hotel bar, at 9am (sin Bacardi’s), to share what’s up with Mamatography.

Yesterday, after all my trips down here, I drove for the first time on my own with a toddler en tow. Not too bad. If you haven’t been to Panama City-COME DOWN HERE! It’s beautiful chaos, a Latin American gem.

I was determined to get out of the city to somewhere scenic and capture a few shots of Safi. So I thought of just the place, Costa del Este. I knew of a wide open park amongst the skyscraper condominiums that stretches for miles with hills and lush trees, and best of all, no sounds of horns as in the city parks.

It’s been a while since I took some actual portraits of Safi and at 17 months she’s changing like lightening, she’s becoming a little lady. (Though she could use an etiquette class or two.)
Architecture in Costa del Este

Now, down to business…
I’m anxious to share some quick tips for your summer travel shooting To Do List.

First of all- set your ISO low low low, WAY low when it’s sunny.

Shoot in Continuous mode rather than Single Shot mode. This is one of the first settings I cover in my Photo Basics classes. Whatever camera you’re shooting, this setting is usually a button on the camera body OR within the menu that looks like square pages stacked on top of each other. I don’t see what use single shooting would be to a mom or any candid photographer. If you want to catch moments as they happen, you must keep shooting, DON’T STOP until you get the shot you need. {Even if your husband is nagging you to call it quits!}

Next, time of day scheduling
As a mom, I’m sure you struggle with scheduling anything but nap and snack time if you have a little one. So, shooting at a particular place at a particular time of day isn’t always realistic. For this shoot it was 12 noon, the worst possible time for any shoot and I’ll always advise students to shoot in the morning or early evening-the “Magic Hours”.
This tactic was created for many reasons, one being the sun creates intense shadows as well as squinting will occur from your subjects mid day. In the Magic Hours, the sun produces a soft, warm glow that is visible in your photos-both in color and “exposure
To counter act this no no, I sought shade, common sense, right? Well try keeping a toddler posed under a tree for over a few seconds or from stumbling down a steep, cement staircase. Don’t try what I did at home, have a spotter!
Just a fun shot: "MOM, LOOK! Mystery muck!"

Over yonder.

DVF wedges for babies? Who knew?!

And she's on the MOVE!

Tip numero cinco: Correct and retouch lightly. Preserve your memories as they really happened, consider easing up on the presets and actions, just a thought.

Alright Mamas, enough information overload. Signing off from somewhere near the Equator!

Happy Shooting, Vicky & Safi