Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family Fun Photos

Dragging along post-Christmas this week. I hope all you Mamatographer's out there had a MERRY MERRY with loved ones!
We had an eventful First Birthday celebration for Safi prior to and I'm FINALLY taking the time to edit my shots from our trip to Disney World.
It's been 10 years since I've frolicked down Main Street USA and though cliche, I felt like a kid all over again basking in the JOYS of being a first time mom!

Jumping to the technical, here's some details on my techniques for photo editing and correcting. I use Adobe Lightroom prior to retouching in Photoshop.
If you're not already on the Lightroom train, this is a preview of what the interface is like...

Here, I am able to batch correct my shots. If I want to make one shot brighter, more saturated, etc. I only need apply the settings to the first shot of a series and either create a "Preset" or copy and paste the setting to the subsequent shots.
Presets have become extremely popular especially in the realm of portrait photography.
I see ALOT of overuse of this technique. I think the results can be quite helpful and beautiful..but I'm a bit of a purist. I tend to keep the reality of my shots intact...there's no right or wrong, just my opinion.

Here's some notes on my editing workflow using Adobe Lightroom:

1. Upload photos from my CF card to computer; back up on an external hard drive

2. Organize Photos in Adobe Bridge; "Flag" the Best Shots

3. Move the Best Shots into a "Best" folder

4. Open Adobe Lightroom; Imports only shots from the "Best" folder to cut down on my editing time

5. Begin exposure and color corrections

6. Additionally eliminate any photos that are not worthy of "Final" status

7. Export photos from Lightroom into a "Final" folder within the original shoot folder
*I do 2 exports; 1 Low Resolution for online posting and viewing and a High Res export for printing purposes
DO NOT PRINT LOW RES EXPORTS, they will appear pixelated/blurry

8. Back up the Final folder on an external hard drive and burn a DVD of the shoot

For further editing tips using Lightroom, check out my webinar series here:

Happy Shooting!