Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Latest & Greatest

What a busy couple of weeks! I FINALLY published my first book and NOW ebook, Photo Basics and Beyond; A Camera Bag Companion.
Here's some preview pages:

If you find them helpful, please buy and download the FULL version HERE for just $8.50.

It's taken me years of acquiring the knowledge for the text and many months to lay it all out. It's always great to output the fruit of your labor. It's easy to get lost in the immediatecy of social networking, email, BLOGGING, etc. But nothing beats seeing your work in print!

Secondly, aside from photoshoots, I've been prepping for the Mamatography Holiday Workshop that I hosted at my house this past Friday. I put a lot of sweat into it and I think it all payed off by the joy I saw on the faces of my fellow Mamatographers and their kiddos. I can't wait to see their shots! Mine coming soon...

Last week I had my first Thanksgiving as a MOM. Words can't express what it was like to feed my baby girl a Turkey Dinner with all the fixings! We played in the yard for a while and I finally got the chance to take some of my own family pics. Danny (Safi's Daddy) pushed her in our cloth swing while I experimented with different camera settings. It was difficult to get a shallow depth of field because she was in motion so the plane of view was constantly changing. I'm glad for the few where I was able to capture sharpness in her eye. 
But ya know, on these occasions it's about remembering the moments as they were happening. So that motion blur THING is totally excusable, it's real! Take some time to enjoy the REALITY while shooting, because otherwise the moments will pass you by…just my advice.

Big thanks to my little brother (Uncle) CJ who is a huge photo buff and took our first holiday card photo.