Monday, November 14, 2011

My First Book is NOW AVAILABLE!

I'm so excited to present my FIRST BOOK: 
Photo Basics and Beyond; A Camera Bag Companion

This has been a project that has really taken years of accumulating information and editing all my knowledge down to one basic principle:
What do I wish someone would have told me as a new shooter?

There is a cluster of information overload on the web and in the many photo books that have been published over the years.
I wanted mine to be as quick, direct and colorful as possible because I know as a Mom our time is sacred..who has time to read a textbook these days? NOT ME!

But I did once. Many of them! So, I tried to lend a favor to all my fellow Mamatographer's that didn't start shooting as a single college girl. I BALLED up all the basics of an SLR camera (Fstops, Shutter Speeds, Iso), lenses, some stuff on flash and also talk about digital photo files and editing software to bring readers into the present.

Here's some images from the book, now available on my website,

It is FULL COLOR and measures 7x7"
I have a Self-Print ebook and iPad version which will be posted shortly...stay tuned!