Friday, October 28, 2011


I woke up this morning with a nagging idea to freshen up the look of the blog. I love experimenting with typography. So here's the new header I created above!
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting some new friends through offering free ad space here to get things moving. I reached out to some of my Mom's groups on Facebook and I received tons of feedback!
It's so great to have a supportive community of women in business for themselves.
Also, I wanted to mention the Amazon ad I have here for gear I recommend. This company has saved me tons of money not just on camera equipment but diapers, food, etc. So I am shamelessly presenting my Photo Must Have's available on Amazon. These are products that I recomend to my students all the time. There are items for all shooting levels, and price points. Starting out, you may not need a $1,000 lens so I've given you some 3rd party options that will give you crisp shots on a budget!
Feel free to write to me anytime for a recomendation when shopping around. I shoot Nikon but most of my students have Canon and they offer very fine products as well. I have shot both and both have a touch of a little something different to offer.
Right now they have both been targeting advanced point & shoot models which are great to throw in your diaper bag!
I stand by the unsurpassable quality of an SLR, but to each their own.

Me and Safi are off to "Boo at the Zoo" this morning at the Palm Beach Zoo. The weather's looking a little iffy, but crossing my fingers that I get some fun shots to share here!

Next lesson could be, how to shoot your kids at the zoo in the rain...Stay Tuned!