Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Christmas in July :: Get up to 20% Off a Holiday Photo Book

It's been a while my dusty old Blog! How's summer treating you?
My family and I have been just a LITTLE busy saying adios to our digs in Panama and re-re-locating back in Home Sweet Home South Florida. Though it's been a slow start getting back in the "norm" of things, one of my goals for this Summer was to finally make a Holiday photo book from last year. It's a young tradition to make cute little square, Blurb photo books for my daughter Safi. We've got a nice stack of them on the shelf in her room already. With that, I thought, why not drag the Mamatography Sharing & Critique group back down memory lane with me? So, this week's assignment was all things "Christmas in July".

Here's my version of it!
You too can 'Make Your Own Book'. Just click on the link after mine below.

C H R I S T M A S by Vicky Scesa | Make Your Own Book

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Merry July & Happy Snapping,