Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day Giveaway from Mamatography Photo Workshops & Print My Picture Online

Mother's Day is this Sunday, which means it's OUR week!

To kick things off, Mamatography Photo Workshops & Print My Picture Online have joined teams to present to you a PRINT YOUR PICS Mother's Day Giveaway.

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I am a fan of Print My Picture Online because I've ordered from them in the past to output my family photos. For this series below, I had them print a series of my Instagram (Follow me here!) snapshots either done w/ my iPhone or iPad. I was super impressed with how they came out! Who would ever think that you could get such quality pieces to show off in your home w/ a smart device?

5x5 Canvases from Print My Picture Online

16x20 Canvas from Print My Picture Online 
Photo by Lisa Della Bella
I recently sat down via web conference with Erica Bean, founder of Print My Picture Online, and asked her where the inspiration for her business came from. AND if she had any tips to share with the Mamatography readers on how to output their photos on Canvas.

Here's what she had to say: 
When my children were small I wanted to save every moment in time. I knew it was all going to be over in the blink of an eye. I took pictures of EVERYTHING! My home was filled with albums and supplies for scrapbooking, but I still felt as though I was missing out. I had all these great “pages” but none of them were on display anywhere. I decided I wanted images on my walls instead of the oil paintings they were filled with. I ordered large prints from all the typical “labs” but hated how they never looked right. The low quality had me searching for professional labs. To my dismay, their services were not available to me because I was not a professional photographer. But why did I need to be a professional to get quality images printed? I was determined that my pictures were deserving enough of quality printing. That is when my mission began! I wanted to offer the availability to anyone for professional quality printing at an affordable price. The same goes for our new frame line, BEAN Framed. They are available to anyone who takes pictures at an affordable price!
Some tips for printing on Canvas: 
Personally I've always LOVED photos on canvas! It gives such dimension and adds interest to your wall art. Have you ever wondered why some have the image on the sides and others don’t? It is a simple explanation, however, getting this effect doesn’t happen without some planning and forethought. When you are submitting photos to be printed on canvas you need to plan for the image to have approx. 2 inches of “expendable” space on all 4 sides. It's helpful to have computer software like Photoshop or Elements to custom size and crop your photos. Enlarging your picture to be 2inches bigger is not the fix, because you are making the images larger, you are not creating more expendable space. Expendable space happens when you are editing, even taking the photo! Don’t crop it all the way to the edge. If you do crop all the way to the edge the result, when printed on canvas, would be 1 of 2 things:
1). Blank space on the sides or 2.) 2 inches of your image (on all 4 sides) wrapped on the edge with back. This can change the whole vision you had for your art! When we feel an image is going to be affected by the wrap, we let the customer know that opting for blank sides is a better way to go!
xo Vicky

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