Saturday, October 13, 2012

Introducing the Mamatography™ Affiliate Program

Today, I have some very exciting news to share!
Mamatography Photo Workshops has grown leaps and bounds over the past year and I'm so grateful. Having a daughter under the age of two by my side (literally) most of the time, has both inhibited me and inspired me to accomplish what I have thus far with my teaching business, shooting and so much more. I am so greatful to have a job that I love and can't wait to see what this little engine will become!

With that, it has been a long time dream of mine to partner with an amazing pro Mama-tographer who specializes in children and family photography. 

Well, I found her. Let's give a warm welcome to the FIRST Mamatography Affiliate, Stacey Panassidi of The Memory Studios in Robertsville, New Jersey!

Stacey has signed on to bring Mamatography Photo Workshops to the North East, US and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Her work is utterly inspiring and as a mom of two teenaged boys, Tyler, 15 and Jesse, 12 she has had YEARS of Mama-tographer experience prior to opening The Memory Studio. 

Now, she helps families capture the little moments from maternity & newborn to the full blown events…weddings, parties and everything in between! All so that one day, they can have a legacy to look back on for their loved ones.

On December 1st, Stacey will teach the first Mamatography Photo Workshops class in New Jersey with a 'How To' Holiday Photo theme. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more information on her workshop. Until then, you may inquire with her directly by email at

Stacey has also signed on to contribute some tips and tricks here on the Mamatography blog for future posts! Here's what she had to open with…
"First thing's first, capture the moment! I always have a camera on me, whether it's my phone, my point and shoot or my DSLR, I don't want to miss anything and even if it's not technically perfect, that's ok. Next, I always look for the best light or open shade. If my kids are doing something outside in bright sunlight I try to direct them to the open shade or I move around them until the sun is at their back.Then, I try to get different angles.
Stacey Panassidi of The Memory Studios
If I have to lay on the ground I will, I'll get up on a chair or table, I'll walk all around the subject to capture the scene from EVERY angle to get what I need. And of course all the close up shots and pull backs (zooming out) to capture the scene and all the details from a days shooting."

A huge thanks to Stacey for diving into this with me, this is an exciting time I think for us both : )

It's my goal to deliver Mamatography™ Photo Workshops wherever there is a need. Whether that be online in the comfort of our homes or in local neighborhoods anywhere. I want to build a team!

If you're an experienced, pro photographer taking pictures of babies, kids or families for a living and would like to teach Mamatography Photo Workshops please email, to discuss how this may work for you and your photography business.

The Mamatography Affiliate Program™ is a brand new concept that provides full, pre designed lesson plans, social media marketing, scheduling/booking assistance and more to photographers anywhere! As a Mamatography™ Photo Workshops Affiliate you'll have the chance to be apart of something new and fresh to offer to your clients. Unique branding is in the works for this program so rest assured that affiliates will have access to modern, creative looking materials for their existing clients and prospective students.

Stay tuned for more about the Mamatography Affiliate Program™ AND next week, the Mamatography 1K Fan Giveaway!!

Happy Weekend, Happy Shooting,