Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mamatographer to Admire, Leslie of May Faith Photography :: Mamatography Photo Workshops

Recently, I've been paying great notice to my current and past students in their dynamic growth as photographers. This post is no self pat on the back but a shout out to one particular Mamatographer that has knocking my socks off with every shoot she posts via Facebook.

She is Leslie Carpenter of May Faith Photography.

Last year, Leslie and I met when she took one of my webinars just as I was getting Mamatography off the ground, when Safi was just 2 months old. 

I thought I had my hands full but Leslie not only had an infant herself at the time but 2 more little ones AND she was striving to start a photography business. 

Over a year later, this mom of 3 is kicking ass and taking names! 

She's shooting every chance she gets, building her portfolio and fan base to a pro level that is awe inspiring. I seriously don't know how she does it, my brain is mush most days from toddler tantrums!

Located in Vancouver, Washington, Leslie has no shortage of lush, Pacific landscapes where she coordinates test shoots with make up artists, florists, H&M-TEAMS OF PEOPLE! 

These "productions" result in stunning imagery that is turning heads within the photography community and beyond.

I especially love her composition and retouching techniques. She always seems to be paying attention to detail! But most of all, her work is FRESH and original! 

May Faith Photography is: Natural light Photographic Artistry, specializing in making your dream portraits a reality.

Hear how Leslie describes her business and her FAV piece of equipment:
"I do a wide range of types of photography...everything from family portraits, outdoor,pets, events, boudior, location shoots and enjoys doing new things! I love capturing moments to tell a story. My main goal is bringing a professional, fun atmosphere with quality photos that you will rave about for years to come."
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"My favorite piece of equip right now is the 28-75 Tamron Canon mount. It's amazing because of the range for portraits, and also fast with it's 2.8 aperture. I haven't taken it off my camera since I purchased it. I would recommend this lens or the Canon lens which is the 24-70 2.8. It's perfect for the work that I specialize in. My next lens I will be getting is the 85mm 1.8."

Thank you Leslie for sharing your artistry with fellow Mamatographers!

Happy Shooting, Vicky